I was told that my predecessor and classmate was on the local new channel yesterday showing off his magnificent Presepio, that is, a nativity scene. In fact, we were classmates in the seminary and he was known for this elaborate display even then. Over the years he has significantly expanded the exhibit and it is truly a sight to see. I am happy to see he is still putting the effort into making it and so many can enjoy it each year.

Since I was unable to see the display in person and did not catch the short newscast, I decided to watch it online. As has become the standard today, the cast was preceded by a short commercial. The commercial it showed was for a clinic that provided In Vitro Fertilization, commonly referred to as IVF. For the record, IVF is an immoral means of fertility and the Church has consistently reiterated this Truth. I am sure the producers did not do so with intention and most viewers would not care but it is so typical today in the secular assault on Faith to subtly attach their message to a report on something Catholic.

Yes, the devil is that subtle!